Exmoor was the Beruss family estate on Coruscant. It was considered a testament to the family's long tenure on the capital world.


The family estate of the Beruss clan was big enough to be considered a walled city, located about 300km southwest of the Imperial Palace. Dominated by the Illodia Tower, a 100m tall structure built with an external staircase, the estate contained a forest, two parks, and a small lake surrounded by a meadow. The lake could be traversed with wind-driven boats and was stocked with game fish imported from Illodia.

Twenty-one large buildings were erected inside the estate. The primary residential area in Exmoor had 70 rooms and was occupied at all times by no less than 30 members of the clan.

Behind the scenesEdit

Exmoor is most likely named for the Exmoor national park in South West England.