The Exocros Cabal was one of several colony ships sent out by The Cabal to find the legendary world of Exo. Shortly after passing the edge of the Outer Rim, the vessel was struck by an uncharted asteroid storm that destroyed much of the bridge and killed the captain. The colonists mutined, and the various families fought for control of the vessel. As the ship traveled through space, different families took control of the remains of the bridge. Each of them interpreted the writings of Deamos Na-Coth differently, and subsequently they sent the ship on various headings according to their findings.

Finally, a group of engineers took control of the ship. Pursued by pirates, the engineers decided that they needed to find a world to settle on. Accidentally, they found the planet that would become Exocron, and established the colony there. They named the new home in honor of the vessel.

After the establishment of the colony, the engineers destroyed the hyperdrives of the Exocros Cabal to stop some of the colonists leaving the planet. They feared the colony would be torn apart if some were allowed to leave, so they forbade space travel.