Han Solo witness slaves enthralled by the exultation on Ylesia

The Exultation was the term for a biological feature of the male t'landa Til used to attract female mates. It was created by deep vibrations thrummed by the males' throats and a pseudo-telepathic projection of ecstasy and extreme pleasure. To beings other than t'landa Til, the effect was addictive. This ability was used by Teroenza and other priests, such as Veratil, by the Besadii Hutt clan to lure "religious pilgrims" to Ylesia where they would be forced to work in spice refineries. By receiving the Exultation each night, the slaves were kept from leaving Ylesia by their own choice. The scam of the Exultation was uncovered by Han Solo and first revealed to Bria Tharen, who, upon leaving Ylesia, took years to overcome her addiction. Once she joined the Rebel Alliance, Bria focused her efforts on rescuing slaves from Ylesia and helped develop an effective cure for its addictiveness.



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