"Sebulba cracked his knuckles and slobbered in delight. A clutch of boiled eye-snatcher eggs stared up from his plate. He stabbed one with a fork and took a bite ... the delicacy was far too chewy to be a real eye-snatcher egg. The bird must have gotten an eye and dropped it in its nest. That was part of the joy of eating eye-snatcher eggs. You never knew quite what you'd get."[1]

Eye-snatchers were predatory red-feathered birds native to the Ottega system. Their nests were raided for their edible eggs, which resembled eyeballs. Attempting to rescue their stolen eggs, the birds would often mistake humanoid eyes for the pilfered eggs, and snatch up thieves' eyesballs by plucking them out with their talons. The bumbling Abyssin cyclops giant Gondry was one such unfortunate being (and, of course, the hapless oaf had just one eye to begin with).

The Besadii Hutt crimelord Gardulla kept eye-snatchers in her luxurious if notorious pleasure garden, within her Tatooine palace near the Dune Sea.[1]


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