The Eye of Ashlanae was the headquarters of the Jedi High Council on Ossus and a meditative retreat built at the heart of the city of Knossa. Considered a great source of the Order's power, the entire facility was a vergence within the Force itself.


In the wake of the First Great Schism, members of the Jedi Order sought to establish a memorial for their fallen brethren. Selecting the site of the final battle of the conflict on the planet Ossus, each surviving Jedi carved a bantha sized block of stone from the foothills of the Eocho Mountains and used the Force to carry it up through the mountains. After weeks of moving blocks, the original temple was established on the battlefield high in the mountains as a mighty ziggurat.

As the Eye of Ashlanae became a popular pilgrimage site for members of the Order, additional buildings began to take form around it. Over the millennia the city of Knossa took shape on the mountain slopes and fields that surrounded the Temple, and the city quickly became the heart of the Order on Ossus. With so many Jedi meditating at the site for millennia, the Eye of Ashlanae became a power vergence within the Force, making it the ideal cultural center for the Order's members. For nearly twenty-one thousand years the shrine stood, before its destruction during the Cron Supernova.

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A squat ziggurat, the Eye of Ashlanae served as the center of Jedi culture for millennia at the heart of the city of Knossa. Constructed of stone mined at the base of the Eocho Mountains, Ashlanae was accessed by a wide staircase, which terminated at its grand entrance halfway up the pyramid. The main level of the pyramid was lined with meditation rooms where visited could reflect on those Jedi lost in the Schism. Upon its roof, the Jedi had crafted an intricate, circular vector design that was inlaid into the floor to represent an outward looking eye. Jedi Masters visited this site to meditate in large groups, with the capacity to fit one hundred pilgrims at a time.

While the rooftop was one of the most sacred sites within the structure, the catacombs beneath Ashlanae were hallowed ground. Rocky caverns penetrated deep into the mountains, leading into the many catacombs of the Order. At the heart of the catacombs was a simple stone platform, where legend said the final blow was delivered during the Schism. Around this platform were set twelve stone chairs, for members of the Jedi High Council to sit in deep contemplation and sort through the problems of the era. Looking both inward and outward, Jedi sought out the vergence within Ashlanae to ensure that their decisions were free of the taint of the dark side.


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