"Inbound vessel, this is the Imperial Warship Eye of the Storm. Identify yourself."
―The Eye of the Storm hails a starship[src]

The Eye of the Storm was an Imperial warship stationed over the Expansion Region planet Tazan. It carried a complement of TIE/LN starfighters and worked in concert with an Imperial launch. The Eye of the Storm was present when a group of Rebels traveled to the planet in order to destroy the planet's Imperial Data Processing Facility. A team of five stormtroopers boarded the Rebel vessel.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Ultimate Core Dump does not indicate what class the Eye of the Storm is, describing it as as an "Imperial Warship" and an "Imperial cruiser." It was large enough to have a hangar bay capable of holding a YT-1300 light freighter. As the vessel appears in a role-playing adventure, it is not clear whether its stormtroopers arrested the player-characters aboard their ship, or whether they made it to the planet's surface unhindered.