The Eyes of Laqasa were a pair of electrobinoculars created by the Devaronian Jedi Knight Laqasa Trill. An artifact imbued with the Force, the Eyes were the subject of legends involving illegal acts on Devaron and Trill's work to bring to justice the perpetrators.


When a hunter imported a troop of repto-simians for illegal hunting purposes, their Force-enhanced camouflage began to terrorize the world, killing the hunter and escaping their enclosure. For two years, the beasts damaged the native ecosystem of the northern continent of Devaron. Jedi Laqasa Trill visited the planet infrequently, but came to her homeworld late in her life and vowed to hunt and destroy the beasts. Crafting the Eyes to counter the beasts' camouflaging abilities, Trill hunted down and killed the beasts, skinning them and weaving a color-shifting cloak. Rumored to be stored in a hunting lodge somewhere within the Blue Mountains, the Eyes became a local legend.[1]


Miniaturizing the technology and funtions of electrobinoculars, Laqasa Trill used crystalline lenses set in a leather headband to counter the ability of beasts to hide within the Force and camouflage themselves. Imbued with the Force, the Eyes of Laqasa were legendary on Devaron.[1]


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