Eyewitness to Apocalypse is a vignette written by Michael Allen Horne for the Dark Empire Sourcebook in 1993.

Plot summaryEdit

The story takes the form of a personal communication by Rivoche Tarkin to fellow historian Voren Na'al during the Second Battle of Coruscant in 10 ABY. Tarkin speaks of her experiences during the fighting and laments at the destruction caused to Coruscant. She went to various parts of the ruined city, such as the Temple of the Circle, with her escorts, Mr. Greybird and Demolinn. She noted that the Imperial mutineers were taking most of the supplies, leaving little for the survivors. Tarkin later overhears a technician saying he detected new ships leaving hyperspace, which she hopes are friendly, and ends her message by giving her regards to Arhul Hextrophon.


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