Eyleen was a Human female who spent her free time hanging out in a garage just outside of Mos Espa, where she and her friends would work on a modified landspeeder.



Eyleen, ready for action.

They were indebted to Watto, who sent a spacer to repossess a number of speeder parts. It was not known whether or not Eyleen and her friends were killed or harmed in the process.

Behind the scenesEdit

Eyleen is an enemy NPC who might attack the player when the player tries to retrieve the engine parts from a landspeeder situated right next to her. When she attacks, the player will have to kill her in order to get the parts, as one cannot interact with objects while in combat mode. However, since it is possible to sneak around her and retrieve the parts unnoticed, her death or survival is not canonically established.

According to the game's directory tree files and reference manuals, this character was originally named Daezii Mae.


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