"You again, eh? You keep comin' in here, and I may start thinking you like my company. And let me tell you something, youngster, there ain't been no one who liked my company since before your grandfather's daddy got hair on his chin."

Old Ezil was an aged inhabitant of Almas, where he had lived his entire life. He claimed to remember when the Almas Academy was just getting established on the planet. He had met the crimelord Nirama on a couple of occasions, as well as Xav Verivax.[1] He frequently had an opinion on the goings-on in the system, which he happily shared with many who bought him a drink.[3] He was detained by the Thaereian military during their occupation of the system.[4]

Ezil could speak a number of languages, including Basic, Shyriiwook, and Tarasinese.[2]


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