F-25-OJSx, also known simply as F-25,[3] was a masculine[2] F series repair droid[1] with red photoreceptors and silver plating, with a red trim.[3] By the year 4.3 ABY,[5] he was employed by the Star Tours travel agency as a "Spacecap Droid" at their Tomorrowland Starport,[2] where he worked in the hanger as a coat check.[3] He was easily spotted by his red cap and bowtie.[2]

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"Handles baggage for passengers. Easily spotted by his red cap and bowtie."
―"Spacecap Droid"'s description in Complete Guide to Star Tours[src]

F-25-OJSx was created for Tokyo Disneyland's simulator ride theme park attraction Star Tours, which opened on July 12, 1989. He, alongside F-29-PSKx, were the only F series droids in the ride to not be identified by name on the "Spot the Droid" posters[3] or in Complete Guide to Star Tours, being instead only identified as "Spacecap Droid" and "Passenger Droid," respectively.[2] In Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, the ride's sequel, a modified F-25 has now been moved further inside the queue, though his name is no longer visible. The droid and two others have been posed in a similar manner to a trio of ghosts seen at the end of the Haunted Mansion ride in various Disney theme parks.[4]



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