F-RTZ-2, known as "Fritz", was a small floating droid that served as medical assistant to MD-0C6, the local doctor of Bartyn's Landing.


F-RTZ-2, alias "Fritz", was a little hovering droid that could reach a maximum height of 20 meters. He had skills to be a field doctor and he could understand several languages — but, as he lacked a vocabulator, he needed an external translator to communicate.[1] However, F-RTZ-2 could reproduce a holo-recording if needed.[2]


At some point, the local doctor of Bartyn's Landing, the independent droid MD-0C6, obtained F-RTZ-2 as his assistant. Although F-RTZ-2 was a good doctor, MD-0C6 was better and as such F-RTZ-2 could be useful as a covering doctor and auxiliary. F-RTZ-2 was provided a holoprojector to communicate with patients.[1]

Around 29 BBY, Security Chief Mix Liddell found an ill, injured outlaw, Byrch Dyshkava and took him to jail. Liddell asked MD-0C6 for medical help, and both MD-0C6 and F-RTZ-2 went to treat Dyshkava.[2]

Soon afterward, MD-0C6 left his post for a while along with Liddell, leaving F-RTZ-2 on duty. At that point, dockmaster Howe Walwahd called after having find some corpses. F-RTZ-2 answered her call and said that both Liddell and MD-0C6 were unavailable at the moment. Walwahd then asked F-RTZ-2 to send a mortuary speeder.[2]



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