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This is not a place to ask general questions about the Star Wars universe.

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Welcome to the Senate Hall!

The Senate Hall is a site-wide discussion area meant for topics concerning Wookieepedia. Please feel free to post questions, suggestions, and comments not related to specific articles. Questions related to specific articles should be asked on the talk page for that article.

Wookieepedia is not a general discussion board. Star Wars questions may be asked at the Knowledge Bank or referred to an external forum such as the Jedi Council Forums on Off-topic posts are subject to deletion.

For live Wookieepedia support and general discussion about Wookieepedia, you can also try our official chat room. See Wookieepedia:IRC for details.

For common questions such as "What is Wookieepedia?", "How do I upload an image?" or "How do I create a userbox to customize my userpage?", please check the Wookieepedia FAQ and our help pages first.

All non-pinned threads will be automatically archived by a bot after thirty days of inactivity.

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