"I am FE-B3. My masters...called me Fee-Bee."

FE-B3, often referred to as Fee-Bee, was a protocol droid designed to work as a translator for the Haddrex Gang.


While searching for information on the crime lord Xev Xrexus, Cad Bane and his crew came across a freighter belonging to the Haddrex Gang. The bounty hunters killed all the members onboard except for their protocol droid, FE-B3. FE-B3 was tortured and interrogated by the Sith Lord Darth Maul and the Chadra-Fan bounty hunter, Troo-tril-tek. FE-B3 eventually provided his assailants with the location of Xrexus' auction as well as the verification codes for the event. FE-B3 was brought along to the auction in the Drazkel system where his pleas to be jettisoned into space went unanswered.[2] FE-B3 was taken with Maul and Bane's group after they killed Jee Kra and his crew. After escaping Xev's hideout with Eldra Kaitis and crashing onto the moon of Drazkel,[3] FE-B3 encountered Maul, and asked for help. However, Maul destroyed him with his lightsaber.[1]

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