The FWMB-10 repeating blaster, also known as the megablaster, was a repeating blaster manufactured by the Sonn-Blas Corporation.[1] The FWMB-10s used by First Order megablaster heavy assault troopers—who earned their name from their use of the blaster[1]— featured integrated stands that could fold out from the blaster,[2] as well as barrel cooling shrouds.[1] Light Infantry Utility Vehicles also used pintle-mounted megablasters as their primary armament.[1] These forward-mounted[4] FWMB-10s had steadying grips and trigger levers, data and power feeds, calibration adjustment, elevation gear, and collimator sleeves.[1] The FWMB-10K was a smaller variant of the FWMB-10.[5]


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