Faceless was a mercenary organization with ties to the Rebel Alliance. In 2 ABY (37:1:28), the organization was reported to have carried out a terrorist attack on the Core World of Esseles. Simultaneous attacks occurred at a major fuel depot on the island of Grande Hyet and on the Imperial installation at Tralee. Response to the attack included the deployment of troops from the Indomitable to the affected sites.

Darpa SectorNet reported that more than 50 died in the attacks and 250 were injured. The damage incurred 50 million credits in damage and was the worst attack on Esseles since the Algeran Faction rioted when Palpatine took the throne. Response to Faceless attacks were slow due to infighting between Cambira Ralle, the president of Esselian Hall, and Imperial Governor Griff Takel.