Fae Kalena was a businesswoman who owned and operated the successful StarLiners transport company in the Brak sector during the reign of the Galactic Empire.


Kalena was born somewhere within the Brak sector where she eventually became a pilot involved in a localized transport service. However, she eventually left the company to pursue a dream of starting her own company. In this fashion, Kalena founded the Starlines transport company using the knowledge from her former job. The small-time corporation started out transporting patrons from the planet Genesia to the nearby Bacrana, but soon had chance to expand after increased business made StarLines mildly successful. Kalena used the profits to buy more ships, and expanded the business to service throughout the Brak sector. With the increased arc of influence, Kalena had built the company into the largest and most successful passenger service in the sector.

As a successful businesswoman, Kalena eventually became associated with the Rebel sympathizing Bacrana System Defense Force headed by Trep Reskan. Kalena eventually contacted the Rebellion to work as a Rebel operative after her brother Har Kalena was apprehended by Imperial forces on Bacrana for unspecified reasons. Kalena allowed Rebel agents to travel through the Brak sector aboard her starships so long as the Alliance paid for the fares. She tried to get Trep Reskan to help her search for Har and rescue him, but the search proved fruitless.