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Fafnir was an Akurian from the planet Akuria II. He was apparently second in command to Colonel Odan after the capture of the majority of Odan's forces during an attack on his War Sled.


Operating out of the Snow Structure, Odan ordered Fafnir and a task force of Akurians to rescue Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa who were due to arrive on Akuria II for a meeting with Odan. The Imperials on the world had decided to set up a ruse in which their leader would pose as Odan in order to lure the two Rebels into their confidence and get them to spill secrets about the Rebel Alliance.

When Fafnir and his men arrived to rescue Skywalker and Organa from this deception, they were treated as enemies due to their fearsome natures. Additionally, because they could not speak Basic, their attempts to rescue the pair only led to more struggle from those they were trying to help. As the Imperials posing as Rebels appeared, Fafnir and his group were forced to retreat, only being able to secure Skywalker's two droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO. After bringing the droids back to the Snow Structure, Fafnir and Odan got into an argument about the failure to rescue the two Rebel leaders. However, Odan finally relented in trying to place blame, and began to formulate a new plan of rescue using Skywalker's droids.

Fafnir, Odan, and the two droids boarded a Snow Flyer and began to follow the impostor Imperials in the War Sled, hoping to catch up with them and stage a rescue. However, the group found the War Sled on a collision course with the Geyser sea, and after boarding the out of control vehicle, they found that the Imperials had fused the controls and tied Skywalker into one of the seats in the cockpit. With no way to stop the vehicle's suicide run, Fafnir quickly untied the Rebel leader, and the Rebel group escaped the War Sled on power skis. Unfortunately, even though they had escaped one certain death, a huge snow storm had formed in the meantime, putting them all back into immediate danger. To save themselves, Fafnir, Skywalker, and Odan used their blasters to blast a hole in the ground to wait out the storm.

Unfortunately for the stranded group, the hole they made connected them with an Ice Worm tunnel, and the entire party fell deep within the planet's crust. However, making good of a bad situation, Fafnir and the rest of the Rebels used their power skis to move quickly through the Ice Worm tunnel in order to catch up with the Imperials who still held Leia Organa captive. As the group moved through the tunnel, they eventually located the Imperials, who had decided to wait out the storm, directly above them. As Skywalker formulated a plan to take their enemy by surprise, a gigantic Ice Worm appeared and prepared to devour the team. Running to their power skis, Fafnir and the rest of the group were able to divert the Worm's direction by blasting the exhaust from their vehicles into its face. The creature, propelled upward, smashed itself into the parked Imperials above, scattering the entire group.

As Fafnir and his compatriots climbed up the hole that the Ice Worm had made, the Ice Worm and the remaining stormtroopers fought against each other, eventually wiping each other out. The Rebels surveyed the wreckage of the brief, but brutal struggle; However, they could not locate the Princess anywhere. The Imperial leader had escaped the scene in a Snow Flyer, trying to make his way back to the Imperial's Polar Base. Luckily, Skywalker was able to catch up to the Snow Flyer on his power ski and rescued the Princess. With the Imperial leader captured, the Rebels decided to implicate a ruse of their own, and they forced the Imperial to give them the access codes to enter the Polar Base.

As Odan and the other Rebels used the access codes to destroy the gate into the Imperial garrison, Fafnir gathered the rest of his Akurians and moved to attack the base. Once the energy gate had been disabled, the Akurians rushed into the opening. With help from Skywalker and Organa who had commandeered TIE/LN starfighters, Fafnir and his people were able to defeat the Imperials and end the Imperial presence on their world.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fafnir is a character from the Norse mythology.


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