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"Which will it be Jedi? Do you save the city or Ackbar's sorry hide?"
―A terrorist[src]

Fahjay was a Force-sensitive individual who once saved Admiral Ackbar's life from two terrorists. He kicked the door open into the room in which Ackbar was being held captive and immediately saw one terrorist with a knife at Ackbar's throat and the other reaching for a switch which would blow the city's power grid. With a quick decision, Fahjay lowered his lightsaber, closed his eyes, and telekinetically tugged the knife out of one terrorist's hand, and embedded it in the chest of the other. This was the first instance in which Fahjay had committed an act of the dark side and a part of him reveled in the act, and so he recited to himself the Jedi Code. Though calmness settled over him, the stain of this death haunted him for a long time.