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The Faithful was the term used for the main faction of the Pius Dea order during the civil war between them and the Renunciates.


After a faction of the Pius Dea were influenced by Jedi and Caamasi groups to alter their religious views, this group, called the Renunciates, split with the main Pius Dea faith in what later became known as the Renunciation. The Renunciates waged war upon the main faction, who referred to themselves as the Faithful. The civil war caused the Pius Dea Faithful to devote more resources away from their other enemies in the galaxy, which had been the intention of the Jedi and Caamasi all along.

As the beginning of the Seventh Alsakan Conflict, the civil war helped lead to the downfall of the main order in 10,966 BBY at the Battle of Uquine. After a sabotage operation by the Bureau of Ships and Services, many Pius Dea Faithful Cathedral ships were lost in space, unable to restart their hyperdrives. The remaining Faithful space forces were decimated by the forces of the Renunciates, Alsakan, the Jedi Order, and the Republic Navy at Uquine. The head of the order, Supreme Chancellor Contispex XIX, was captured by a team of Jedi Knights aboard his flagship, ending both the civil war between the factions and the larger Crusades the order had inflicted upon the galaxy.