"Don't kill me! You've got to understand, I had no choice!"

Private Falk was a Human male Soldier who served the Galactic Republic during the start of the Galactic War. Disaffected by his posting, Falk chose to betray Aurek Base to the Empire in a vain attempt to get offworld and attempted to stop a Republic strike team from thwarting the Imperials.


During the Galactic War, Falk was stationed on the planet Hoth, where the Republic was searching for the superweapon known as the Null Cannon. However, the Imperials sabotaged Aurek Base's communications, leaving the Republic forces scattered. Fortuitously, a Republic strike team arrived on Hoth to resolve the base's problems.

However, Falk become disaffected by his posting, believing the search for the Null Cannon to be a fool's errand, chose to defect to the Empire in the vain hope of getting offworld. He attempted to deceive the strike team into thinking that the Ortolans whom they attempted to save had betrayed the Republic, but his lie was seen through. Falk, backed up by an Imperial squad, attempted to kill the strike team but was defeated instead. The strike team then had him escorted back to Aurek Base for a court martial before going to stop Korl Torin from igniting the gas pockets to destroy the base.

Behind the scenesEdit

Falk is a character in the 2011 Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG video game. Upon defeating Falk, the player can either choose to execute him (dark side dialogue) or spare him for a court martial (light side dialogue).