The Falling Star Saloon was a rustic saloon located on Starlyte Station. Like most of the station, it was held together with parts salvaged from the other parts of the station. Its bar was made of repliwood.

Prices at the Falling Star SaloonEdit

Drink Price
On tap AurebeshSans-Serif credit2/glass
Mix it upAurebeshSans-Serif credit5/glass
Food Price
SnackAurebeshSans-Serif credit4
Light mealAurebeshSans-Serif credit9 credits
Full CourseAurebeshSans-Serif credit15 credits
Holo-gameAurebeshSans-Serif credit1/play
Grav-poolAurebeshSans-Serif credit3/hour
Blast-dartsAurebeshSans-Serif credit2/game
Ships Price
Docking feeAurebeshSans-Serif credit20/day
Ship repairs/upgradesvaries
Trading Post Table Price
TableAurebeshSans-Serif credit10/day



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