"Our Empire is based on the notion that a great individual rises to the top, and the lesser masses follow."
―Falner Oeth[src]

Falner Oeth was a male Zabrak who served as a member of the Imperial Diplomatic Service of the Sith Empire during the Cold War. He had a son who was stationed on Balmorra and trying to join the Shadow Fist unit. During the Galactic War, Oeth made contact with his fellow colleague and friend from the Diplomatic Service Vector Hyllus, who had a become a Joiner of a Killik hive. Although he despised the Killiks and found them repulsive, Oeth was not above using Vector to complete some dirty missions for him. For instance, he asked him to gain cooperation of a former Republic governor of Ord Mantell named Yoganerr Thenoth by turning him into a Joiner. After the information was obtained, Oeth was promoted and he fulfilled his end of the bargain with Vectorby arranging for a summit between the Killik representatives and important members of the the Diplomatic Service. However, Oeth sabotaged the summit by detonating a bomb at the meeting and, without hiding his involvement, made a public speech against the Killik-Imperial alliance. Despite his efforts, the Sith Empire legitimized a treaty with the Killiks.