"False Horizon" is an article written by Morrie Mullins as a tie in to the Living Force campaign. It was published on the Wizards of the Coast website on December 11, 2003 and took the form of multiple broadcasts. The first was from Osten Dal'Nay and Broof Yurdel announcing simultaneous strikes by the Cularin Militia against bases of the Thaereian Navy in the Cularin System. Following some commentary by Yara Grugara, Jedi Master Lanius Qel-Bertuk broadcast the support of the Jedi Order for the Militia's efforts. This in turn, was followed by a speech by Cularin's senator Lavina Wren, who further endorsed the Militia's work. The final footage shown was of Militia starfighters engaging Thaereian forces. Although they appeared outnumbered by the Thaereians, the Cularin forces were quickly joined by fighters from Nirama's Organization and repelled the Navy forces.


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