False Voice Transmitters were custom-made apparatuses that allowed the user to impersonate another being's voice. Members of the Rebel Alliance Intelligence would build such devices by using a portable computer, the brain of a disabled protocol droid and its vox-synth box. To mount the false voice transmitter, it was required to remove the social inhibitors K2 through K8 and modular personality systems 82B, 54D and 66D. The user then jacked a computer into the droid brain's left data port and type their instructions on the computer's keyboard. If the droid heard only a few sentences in the voice of the being the operator tried to impersonate, the synthetizing was easy. Otherwise, the user was forced to go through the laborious process of recreating the voice on their own, which could take one full day. That process consisted in having the droid try out one voice after the other, making slight alterations until achievement of the desired result.