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Falsin's rot was a type of fungus that was native to the planet Nyriaan.


Falsin's rot was parasitic and its spores could take root anywhere on an individual's skin. As the fungus grew and multiplied, painful lesions would form, and would spread across the victim's body and if left untreated, the fungus would kill the victim within a standard week.

Falsin's rot could be cured by using salves made from native Nyriaanan plants, or through the use of bacta. When the parasite was treated early, few signs would remain on the victim of the infection. However, in the more advanced cases, victims were left with severe scarring or even loss of limbs.


Falsin's rot was named after it's first recorded victim and was fatal during the early years of Nyriaan's colonization. Over time, it came to be feared by the planet's settlers, although it remained rare in the colonized regions of the world.


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