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"You could be detained for just having this."
―Falthina Sharest, to Han and Qi'ra[src]

Falthina Sharest was a human female emigration officer in the Corellian Security Forces. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, CorSec became an extension of the Imperial forces on Corellia and she served as Lead Transport Security Officer in Coronet Spaceport.[1] In 13 BBY, she worked in a spaceport booth when Han and Qi'ra approached and offered to bribe her with a vial of coaxium in exchange for passage through the security gate. Sharest agreed to allow them through, provided they handed the coaxium over prior to the gate being opened. Solo reluctantly agreed to this, and instructed Qi'ra to hand it over. However, after Solo had passed through the gate, Qi'ra was grabbed by members of the White Worms gang, causing Sharest to trigger a security alert, locking down the gate and separating Solo and Qi'ra.[2]

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