Falto Dragen was a Human male stormtrooper officer who served the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War.


Originally based, in 0 BBY, as a lieutenant, with a garrison on the Outer Rim world of Kwevron, Dragen uncovered a Rebel cell. He and his troops killed the Rebel Idu Taanfaar and captured Nuuk Kuur, but failed to capture Cala Worner, a recruiter for the Alliance. Cala and a group of previously uncommitted bystanders rescued Nuuk, beginning what would become a personal vendetta for the officer. Later the same year, simultaneously with the arrival of the first Death Star in the Alderaan system, he and his unit were transferred to Daroon, where he failed to arrest Alku Vordu, a senator sympathetic to the Rebellion. Despite the destruction of his homeworld, Dragen remained loyal to the Empire.

He did, however, visit the Graveyard to leave personal effects in memory of his family. Imperial storm commandos observed him and confirmed his reliability. He participated in the occupation of Cloud City in 3 ABY.