Crv falx

Falx prior to its destruction.

The Falx was a Corellian Engineering Corporation Assassin-class corvette that was owned and operated by the Dimok during the Sepan Civil War. Falx aided other Dimok starships in raiding a Ripoblus Modular Conveyors carrying munitions supply convoy in the beginning of the Imperial Sepan campaign.

Launching from Imperial Admiral Harkov's flagship, the Victory-I class Star Destroyer Protector, Maarek Stele's TIE/LN starfighter identified the marauding corvette's crew as Dimok, yet also located stolen Imperial supplies aboard the Ripoblus cargo vessels. The civil war was more complex than suspected. With the intent to drive off the Dimok raiders, Imperial fighters destroyed the cargo ferry Mangonel along with numerous Y-wings (groups Baker, Adam and Charlie), while the TIE bombers fired proton torpedoes at the corvette, destroying it.