Famous Monsters: Star Wars Spectacular is a magazine that was published alongside the release of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope in 1977. It contains a behind the scenes look at the special effects used in the film, as well as a detailed synopsis of the main characters and major story elements. Scans of the issue have been made available online[1].


  • A Star (Warrior) is Born – Your guide to Spaceman Skywalker, the Amazing Robots, the Adorable Princess, the Black-Hearted Villain, the Noble Kenobi and all the other fine cast of characters.
  • Special Effects – More fantastic miracles performed before your very eyes than Dunninger, Houdini & Merlin combined! FM lets you in on some of the secrets behind the fabulous effects that bugged out your eyes when you beheld them.
  • A Galaxy In Flames – Famous Monsters is famous for its filmbooks... and this is one of our best! The whole laser-edged fast-spaced tale of Star Wars. The dangers & the droids, the 5 star story.
  • Those Amazing Star Wars Robots – The humanest humanoid & the most sympathetic servomechanism you ever laid eyes on. What made them tick? They are the tack of the special effects industry and we take you inside their insides.
  • "The Best Science Fiction Film Ever Made!" – Do you agree that Star Wars has surpassed the special effects of A Space Odyssey? The scope of this Island Earth? The Miracles of many other space time movies?
  • A Tribute – Our hats, hearts & heads are off to George Lucas, who has planted Planet Stories on the screen and given a head of steam to Space Opera that will have Sci-Fi buffs & ordinary folks alike singing his praises for years to come. Bravo, George!


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