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FanForce is a feature of TheForce.Net dedicated to helping Star Wars fans to meet and interact with other fans in their local community. Depending on the amount of activity, the FanForce can be a city like the San Francisco FanForce, a region like North West Ohio, whole countries as in Europe, German Speaking FanForce, or even whole areas like Asia and Africa. Each FanForce is led by one ore more Chapter Representatives who are responsible for the organisaion of group events.


  • The North Ridge is a Star Wars fan club based in Buffalo, New York. Members get together for various activities that include movies, hunting for Star Wars collectibles, going to conventions, costuming, and appearing in costume at charity events, raising money for the American Heart Association in addition to local WNY charities such as Compass House. Many North Ridge members are also approved costumers of the 501st and Rebel Legion costuming groups. The North Ridge's Official Website The North Ridge on Facebook
  • The Orange County Star Wars Society is a Star Wars fan club based in Orange County, California. Besides discussing the Trilogy, enjoying each other's company, and fighting with shanai's at our Wednesday night class, the group also collects donations for Toys for Tots Charities, as well as the American Cancer Society and other charities. Orange County Star Wars Society's Official Webpage
  • The New Boise Order An official Fanforce of star wars is a Star Wars fan club based in Ada County, Idaho. This group has meetings once a month. and discusses star wars, the group also has collectors, book readers, story writers, gamers, and are all friends. New Boise Order participates in Charity events for it community. New Boise Order and official Star Wars Fanforce Webpage
  • The Heart of the Alliance FanForce is a group of Star Wars fans who came together around the Kansas City, Missouri area to create a club that focuses on a common love of the Star Wars universe. Members are from all over Kansas and Missouri, but the core membership is located in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, where most events are held. Some main activities include movie viewings, gaming, costuming, and general social activities. Heart of the Alliance Webpage
  • The Middle Georgia Star Wars Fan Club - THE MACON CLONES are Central Georgia's first and only official FanForce. The group meets monthly with fans from all over the Central Georgia region. The CLONES participate in many group activities including charity work, movie viewings, gaming, fan film making and general fellowship. For FUN, FANDOM & FRIENDSHIP visit the MACON CLONES Homepage.
  • The Oregon FanForce is a unique FanForce. Much differently then most where the entire state is involved. We're about getting fans together and helping them meet and interact with other fans in their "physical" community. Conventions, movie screenings, book signings, etc. A place where we all can be a part of the FanForce experience.
  • The Oahu FanForce was founded in 2001 and is the Hawaii chapter of the international Star Wars fan community known as FanForce. The group dedicates themselves to their fandom by participating in fun events and attending meetings where they discuss anything and everything Star Wars related. The group has adopted the motto “Make a Difference” which is in-line with their endeavor to participate in charity events in order to give back to the community. The group’s website is

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