"Sharks! Faniel, away!"
―Refugee leader[src]

Faniel was a female Mon Calamari who went into hiding from Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire in order to avoid the Genocide on Dac.


"Tanquar, he's right. You have your duties. My duty—the duty of all of us who do not fight—is to not make your work more difficult."

Following Emperor Darth Krayt's decree that the Mon Calamari of Dac were to be exterminated, Faniel and a group of Mon Calamari descended into the depths of their world's oceans to avoid being killed. The group set up a refugee camp in an isolated area, hoping to avoid the Empire. Faniel had a young child at the time, and she cared for the baby during the flight from the Imperials. During this time, she was watched over by another male Mon Calamari, perhaps her husband, who tried to protect her from the dangers of the deep. Eventually, Faniel and the refugee group she was with were discovered by an Acklay Battle Fortress, the Sea Lion, and its squadron of Shark subfighters, Shark Squadron. Faniel's male protector was the first to see the incoming Sharks, and he warned Faniel, telling her to flee immediately. As Faniel tried to escape the Sharks, her male protector was killed by the Imperial fighters and they then began to slaughter the settlement. However, Daniel was saved by the arrival of the Mon Calamari Rangers, who attacked the Imperials with their Krakana fighters. The attack was successful, and the Imperials retreated when the Sea Lion was damaged.

The Mon Calamari Rangers brought the surviving refugees back to the Ranger Grotto, their secret base, to recover. Faniel questioned the Rangers' leader, Tanquar, whether they would be able to stay at the base so that she and her baby could be safe. Tanquar initially agreed to allow Faniel to stay, but he was interrupted by Imperial Knight Treis Sinde, who was aiding the Rangers. Sinde would not allow the refugees to stay at the base, as they had no extra food for them and the increased presence of Mon Calamari might inadvertently reveal the secret base to the Empire. Faniel agreed with Sinde's decision, taking her baby and making her way out of the base. Before her departure, Sinde suggested that she make her way towards Soheras Trench, a crevasse that the Rangers had used to hide their presence when tracking the Sea Lion. Several of the Rangers agreed to escort her and the rest of the refugees, as there had been readings of demonsquid in the area. Faniel thanked the soldiers for their hospitality, and the group left the base.

However, unknown to Faniel and the Rangers, the readings from the Soheras Trench were not demonsquid. The trench actually contained a Sith creature, the Sea Leviathan, that had been created to help exterminate the Mon Calamari.

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Faniel appeared in Legacy 32: Fight Another Day, Part 1, the first issue of the Star Wars: Legacy comic's 2009 Fight Another Day story arc.


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