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Production information

Corellian Engineering Corporation[1]

Product line

CR series[1]


CR90 corvette[1]


Capital ship[1]

Modified by

Sorbiss Valley docks[1]

Technical specifications
Modified systems
  • Hangar & docking facilities[1]
  • Hull armor[1]
  • Targeting systems[1]
  • Sensor systems[1]


Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1000 km/h[1]

Hyperdrive system

After Tanquilla Beach repair:

  • Particle shields[1]
  • Ray shields[1]

After refit:

Sensor systems
  • Standard

After refit:

  • Increased range and sensitivity[1]
Targeting systems

After refit:

  • 'Predict and pinpoint'-targeting system[1]
Docking bays

After Refit

  • Hangar bay (1)
  • Docking tubes (3)
Escape craft

After refit:

Minimum crew

After refit:

  • 50, gunners: 10[1]
Cargo capacity

3,000 metric tons[1]


3 months[1]

Communication systems

After refit:

Other systems


  • Diplomatic Suites
  • Entertainment facilities

After refit:

  • Hidden security measures[1]
  • Corvette[1]
  • Diplomatic ship[1]

After refit:

  • Exploration ship[1]
  • Subjugation vessel[1]

52 BBY, Corellia/Chandrila[1]


8 ABY, Battle of Kathol System[2]

Present for battles/events

The FarStar was a CR90 corvette originally known as the Freedom's Messenger and served as a diplomatic ship for the Galactic Republic. After being lost in the Battle of Ord Torrenze, she was later recovered by the Imperial Navy and renamed Renegade. After being heavily modified by Moff Kentor Sarne the ship was captured by the New Republic, renamed FarStar and used to hunt him down. She was destroyed in the final battle against Sarne at Kathol.


Original DesignEdit

As a diplomatic ship, the Freedom's Messenger was equipped with luxurious interior, diplomatic suites, extended droid service bays and entertainment and recreation facilities.[1]

Wartime refitEdit

During the Clone Wars the ship was put into combat service. Additional weapon mounts and troop barracks replaced the suites and halls, and the droid bays were used for blaster recharge and maintenance.[1]

Sarne's ModificationsEdit

Sarne had the ship extensively modified to serve as an independent exploration and subjugation ship. That included a large hangar bay, three extendable docking tubes, advanced turbolaser computers, sensors and armor. This happened in the hidden shipyards in Korbiss Valley on Kal'Shebbol and the use of imprisoned technicians, including New Republic Sergeant Lofryyhn. However, when the New Republic attacked Kal'Shebbol in 8 ABY, the refits were still incomplete.[1]

New Republic ModificationsEdit

Moff Sarne escaped the Battle of Kal'Shebbol, but the New Republic taskforce had to leave immediately for another war theater. To pursue him, the New Republic took over the corvette, since Sarne hadn't been able to destroy it before he left. The ship's sublight and turbolasers were in disarray and the racks for the TIEs had not yet been installed. This allowed the newly christened FarStar to carry 8 T-65 X-wing starfighters and 4 REC Defender starfighters. It also had two support craft, the Muvon and an Aegis-class combat shuttle.[1]


Old Republic ServiceEdit

FarStar cee cee

The FarStar command center.

Built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation around 52 BBY, the Freedom's Messenger served Chandrila and the Galactic Republic as a diplomatic ship.[1]

During its years of service, the ship was at the signing of the Galactic Republic-Marzoon Confederation treaty as well as delivering a Jedi delegation to end the Vaykaaris Uprising. The Freedom's Messenger was widely known as a symbol of peace and hope.[1]

This role changed during the Clone Wars, when the ship was refitted to serve as a combat vessel. But despite the different role, the Messenger served as well as a warship as she did as a diplomatic vessel.[1]

During the Battle of Ord Torrenze, Freedom's Messenger led an assault force into the blockade to allow for civilian evacuation of the planet. The guns-blazing headlong charge cleared a path for the evacuation ships, but Freedom's Messenger suffered heavy hull damage and a critical power core breach, delivering a fatal dose of radiation poisoning to its crew. Out of control, the ship finally crashed into the planet.[1]

Imperial ServiceEdit

Steel Fist and FarStar

The FarStar in space combat.

Years later, the corvette was recovered by the Imperial Navy, refitted and recommissioned as Renegade under the command of Kentor Sarne. Assigned to the 15th Deep Core Reserve Fleet, the Renegade fought against pirates as well as several Rebel outposts. Later Sarne rose in the Imperial hierarchy, but the Renegade remained on reserve duty.[1]

In 2 BBY a newly appointed Moff Kentor Sarne requested his old ship to be appointed to his fleet. Like before, the Renegade was responsible for several peacekeeping operations, namely the Subjugation of Charis in 4 ABY.[1]

In 7 ABY Moff Sarne had become one of many Imperial Warlords. Having also discovered the ancient Darkstryder technology, he took the Renegade off the active duty list and once again placed her under his personal command. Hidden in the his private shipyards in the Sorbiss Valley on Kal'Shebbol, the ship underwent a massive refit to serve as a long-range exploration and subjugation vessel.[1]

In 8 ABY the refit was almost complete, but the Battle of Kal'Shebbol forced Sarne to leave the ship behind and flee to Kathol. The ship fell into New Republic hands. Eager to follow the Moff, a hastily assembled crew manned the ship and went into the Kathol Sector.[1]

New Republic ServiceEdit

FarStar hangar

Tech crew at work in the hangar bay.

Now christened FarStar, the crew went deep into the Kathol sector and encountered many obstacles on their mission to find Moff Sarne. The crew was forced to abandon ship after suffering severe damage in battle against Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne's fleet. The FarStar, however, crashed into Sarne's garrison on Kathol, wiping it out.

Notable Crew MembersEdit

Command CrewEdit


FarStar Logo

Support CrewEdit


Behind the scenesEdit

Far Star is the name of two ships in the Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov. FarStar was also the name of a server - or "Galaxy" - in Star Wars Galaxies.



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