Thanium Kiirium

The extent of Xim's empire, including the Far Indrexu.

The Far Indrexu was the region of the Outer Rim Territories located between the Tion Cluster and the Overic Griplink.


The region was conquered by Xim the Despot circa 25,100 BBY and became the sixth province of his empire. In Xim's time, the Far Indrexu was the rimward portions of the Thanium Worlds.

It was named in honor of Indrexu, the legendary Queen of Ranroon who heroically resisted the invasion of Xim the Despot. The fierce Battle of Ranroon where the queen's forces were eventually defeated allowed Xim to control the region, with Yutusk his sixth throne.

Following the death of Xim, his empire quickly collapsed and new states were quickly formed out of the former territory of the empire. The Far Indrexu was shared between the Indrexu Confederation, the Keldrath Alignment and other states independent of the Tion Cluster.


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