"After you took down my fellows, I knew my only chance was to delay you."

Faraire was a Human male who served as General and a member of the War Trust of the Galactic Republic during the Galactic War.


During the Occupation of Taris in 3642 BBY, Faraire joined the Republic Strategic High Command's War Trust as one of the four top military Generals. On Taris, Faraire and the other generals were responsible for directing the Republic Strategic High Command in their efforts to face the Sith Empire and also advance the Project Siantide.

Darth Baras decided to put an end to the War Trust and send his apprentice to eliminate them. Upon being confronted in his compound, Faraire unleashed a battle droid powered by the newly developed Siantide technology, which, as he boasted, outclassed any weapons the Empire could come up with tenfold and would force the Empire to surrender. However, the Sith Warrior reacquainted him with the reality that no technology was a match for the Force by destroying the droid. Shocked at what he had just witnessed, Faraire made a run for it, but his escape was cut off by Captain Malavai Quinn and Lieutenant Pierce, who anticipated that Faraire would make an escape. Cornered, Faraire formally surrendered and asked if he was to be treated fairly as dictated by the Treaty of Coruscant. The Warrior refused and kill him with Force-choking.