Farana Sector was a region of space located within the Wild Space portion of the Tingel Arm, rimward of the Corporate Sector.


The Farana sector was located in Wild Space, rimward of the Trianii Space and the Morellian Commonwealth, between the Corporate Sector and the Unknown Regions.[1]


The Farana sector was the Wild Space region ruled by the Ocsinin and named after the name of their homeworld, Farana. The sector contained also some Ocsinin's colony worlds.[1] This faraway region was a freestanding subsector, it was never part of the Galactic Republic or the Galactic Empire.[2]

However it was conquered by warlord Zsinj in 7 ABY and stayed in his territory until his death in 8 ABY.[1]

In 16 ABY Luke Skywalker came across the Star Morning and spent time with its occupants, the Fallanassi.



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