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"I cannot tell you how glad I'll be to see this thing finally leave my shop. I've been having some difficulty finding a cargo hauler who specializes in this sort of transport. They keep saying something about replacing eaten crew members."
―Eeksa, on her sale of a Farlek to Pelleo Thog[src]

The Farlek was a species of four-legged, predatory creature. They stood at a height of about 2 meters and were 4 meters in length, and they were covered in green, scaly plates. They also had wide, armored heads and long, sticky-tipped tongues, which they used to catch their prey. Farleks were fairly common on a number of worlds, but albino Farleks were considered to be rare, and the renowned Equat epic-poem Hunting Telik the White told the story of a quest to hunt one such elusive creature. During the Galactic Civil War, the wealthy, Torina-based businessman Pelleo Thog purchased an albino Farlek from the Ithorian pet shop owner Eeksa, and Eeksa hired a group of Rebel Alliance agents to transport the creature to Thog's estate.


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