Farsands was the capital city of Little Mon Cal, a sovereign island in the planet Lamaredd, and the main headquarters of the Sailor's Union.


C. 517 BBY, after the creation of the Sailor's Union in Bartyn's Landing, the capital of the planet Lamaredd, the Union forced Hugo Bartyn, owner of most of the land in Lamaredd, to cede the second biggest continent, Jotsen's Island to the aliens. Jotsen's Island became the sovereign state of Little Mon Cal, and Farsand became its capital city. The Sailor's Union located their main headquarters, Landing union chapter, in Farsands.[1]

C. 69 BBY, the fugitive Byrch Dyshkava escape from the local jail of Bartyn's Landing and intended to go to either Farsands or Cape Regret, another city of Lamaredd.[2]

C. 29 BBY, a number of waiters in Farsand complained as apparently the Union was threatening them. At that point, corruption was an important problem in Farsands.[1]



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