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Fascism was a political philosophy, based on militant authoritarianism.

A number of laws passed by Emperor Palpatine were referred to as fascist by Rebel Alliance members.[1]

In 13 ABY, opponents of the New Republic were derogatorily referred to as fascists.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Fascism is derived from a real world political and economic philosophy that generally entails either radical authoritarian nationalism or a big government totalitarian ideas, usually relying on big government and crony capitalism. Although generally listed as part of the far-right, some conservatives view it as being closer to the far-left on the political spectrum. The most infamous adherents to this ideology were Benito Mussolini of Fascist Italy and Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany.

Fascism played a large role in the creation of the Star Wars trilogy, with the story treatment notes for Star Wars (then-titled The Star Wars) made by series creator George Lucas in 1973 stating, among others, "Theme: Aquilae is a small independent country like North Vietnam threatened by a neighbor or provincial rebellion, instigated by gangsters aided by empire. Fight to get rightful planet back. Half of system has been lost to gangsters[…]The Empire is like America ten years from now[…]We are at a turning point: fascism or revolution".[3] For the most part, fascism was used as one of the inspirations for the Galactic Empire, the main antagonists of the original trilogy,[4] although it was also ironically used as an inspiration for the Rebel Alliance at one point: The ending awards presentation scene for A New Hope was taken directly from a scene in the Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will.[5]



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