"I'm sorry, you're right. As my daughter Fasha says—no good can come of self-pity."
―Lord Teral[src]

Fasha Teral-Organa, born Fasha Teral, was a Human female who was the daughter of Lord Teral and a member of House Teral, one of the Great Houses of Alderaan. During the Alderaan Civil War, she agreed to a marriage alliance with the powerful House Organa and married Lew Organa.


During the Alderaan Civil War, House Teral was besieged by House Ulgo, supported by Killiks that were experimented on. Teral was on the verge of defeat when a Jedi Consular arrived and repelled the attack. Fasha and her father then met with the Jedi, who requested to be Teral's delegate to the peace summit, as their house was currently lacking one, in order to stop afflicted Jedi Master Sidonie Garen from disrupting it. Lord Teral stated that he would need his house's unanimous support to grant that privilege. Fasha's father planned on solidifying an alliance with House Organa by marrying her to Lew Organa. However, House Teral would need to prove their mettle, and that meant breaking the siege. The Consular was sent to persuade Ulgo's mercenary general, Astar Vox, into joining Teral. Once the task was complete, Lew Organa journeyed to the Teral estate, only to be kidnapped by Rist assassins hired by Sidonie, forcing the Consular to rescue him. Once Lew was saved, he and Fasha then started getting acquainted with each other.

Sometime afterwards, Fasha and Lew were married.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fasha Teral is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

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