Fask Eelak was a female Rodian bounty hunter. Part of the An'yettu clan, Eelak was also a member in the prestigious Goa-Ato and one of the few bounty hunters who were allowed permission to travel off their homeworld. However, her affiliation with the An'yettu resulted in constant shame and ridicule under the other Goa-Ato members, and she was often assigned low-paying bounties.

Sometime after the Battle of Hoth, Fask was given the task of hunting down the Wookiee Gerraba for Jabba the Hutt. Assigned by Goa-Ato official Nilesk and her assistant Opdoa, they did not expect Eelak to survive the hunt, though they admitted that bringing the bounty in would result in Eelak earning an Atiang award. However, due to her An'yettu clan's unpopularity with the Grand Protector Navik the Red, the nefarious duo resolved to make verification of her success very difficult.