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The fast style of lightsaber combat was a style used by New Jedi Order Jedi such as Kyle Katarn, and possibly Jaden Korr.



Kyle Katarn in the basic stance of the fast style.

Consisting of short and quick motions with the blade that could be chained and combined almost indefinitely, this style allowed for multiple attacks at an extremely fast pace. Its obvious advantage was that it was efficient in one-on-one combat against slower opponents with lax defenses or many opponents who were not wielding melee weapons, particularly when combined with Force speed. Among all the styles, this style provided the best defense against blaster fire. In lightsaber combat, it was a powerful defensive technique, as the user could create a very strong defense against multiple opponents or a single, stronger opponent.[1][2]

Relying primarily on speed and multiple attacks, the disadvantages of the fast style were equally obvious. Firstly, its use of fast strikes limited the amount of power that was put into a blow, making it easy for a strike to be parried or overpowered. Secondly, its range was considerably short, making it a less effective offense against a wide-spread of multiple opponents. Third, the fast style's defenses could quickly be broken through if an opponent was much more physically powerful than the user. Since the blade was kept so close to the body, a strong, cunning opponent will simply hammer the user's blade in the hopes that the practitioner would tire and leave themselves open.[1][2]

Users of the fast style would typically utilize a defensive stance where the lightsaber was held across the front of the user, ready to parry attacks and deflect blaster shots or to launch short, fast jabs and cuts.[1][2]



Alora using a Jar'Kai variant of the Fast style against Rosh Penin.

This style bore some similarities to the Ataru form of the Jedi Order, making use of acrobatic jumps and rolls to strike an opponent from unexpected angles. It also shared similarities with Soresu, since users kept the blade close to their bodies for a very rapid and effective defense against blasters and other melee weapons. It's worth noting that Tavion Axmis uses a variant of the fast style that has many similarities to that of Shien, being more aggressive and offensive than the fast style that is used by Kyle Katarn. Fast style enabled very fast parries or trap shunts, allowing users to trap and then redirect an opponent's strike to knock them off-balance.




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