A feather duster

A feather duster, as the name implies, was a tool used for cleaning up dust. It was constructed from the feathers of various birds.


In 1 ABY, a feather duster was awarded to an anonymous spacer who helped clean up the various dust durnis that had invaded the Nova Orion Station. Ironically, a feather duster was awarded to yet another spacer for performing the same task in 1 ABY. However, this took place on Tansarii Point Station.

Behind the scenesEdit

The feather duster appears as a "collection" reward in Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. It can be equipped by the player, or used in their house as decoration.

Within the game, this collection is completable in two separate locations. On Tansarii Point Station, it is used to familiarize the player with the collections system.


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