the Federal Era began in 1581 BBY (11,138 Tapani calendar) when a cadre of military officers staged a coup and placed the government of the sector into the hands of a group of reformers.[1]

The reformers that came from nearly all the noble houses formed a federation of the planets from the fallen empire. The new federal government was ruled by a Prime Minister elected by a parliament on Procopia. This system of government was more decentralized than the Imperial structure and gave more power to the individual house leaderships.

The position of Prime Minister of the Tapani Federation was later elected by a Great Council. During the 15 centuries of the Federal Era, the balance of power shifted from one house to another as leaders formed Great Council coalitions that elected them to power. Most of these leaders came from Pelagia or Mecetti but from time to time even the lesser houses took charge when an effective leader rose from their ranks. Several houses rose and fell during this period in Tapani history and two left the sector entirely in search of greater opportunities.[1]

The Federal Era was also a time of change in the, at the time, backwater worlds near the Herglic border. These periphery worlds settled in the Dynastic Era were initially considered a new source of new raw materials for the high-consumption worlds of the sector. When Republic scouts opened up a new trade route circa 2203 BBY which reduced several days off the established Rimma hyperlane, however, these worlds enjoyed a huge and unanticipated surge in growth. This new route resulted in a pouring of credit and influence into the coffers of the periphery worlds that it ran through, as well as the systems along several spacelanes leading to the Shapani Bypass, leading the Great Houses to squabble over rights to the worlds. This area of space would be known as the Freeworlds Territory, as it was decided that no individual house would lay claim to any of the worlds, much like they had done with Procopia. Yet as time passed the Freeworlds began to become more and more self-sufficient and ambitious, and eventually they nationalized House interests, promptly selling them to private investors, and became fully independent of Expanse rule. A League of the five most powerful worlds was established to collude in setting tariffs, coordinating a common defense strategy, and other top level arrangements.[1]

Finally, during the Federal Era the Tapani sector joined the Galactic Republic. In 1486 BBY (11,234 Tapani calendar) Procopia sent its first representatives to the Senate and was officially designated a sector of the Republic. Several members of House Pelagia were recruited by the Jedi Order and a bloodline strong in the Force was established. Members of the nobility frequently traveled to the Core to do business and ambassadors forged alliances and links with important Core worlds such as Alderaan and Corellia. There were many Tapani expatriates that lived on Core worlds such as Coruscant and members of the Galactic Senate enjoyed a good degree of influence and authority in galactic affairs.[1] Although the Great Council sent representation to Coruscant the nobility generally viewed the Republic as a business necessity and looked down on the rest of civilization.[2]


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