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Felacatians were a species of polymorphic felines native to the planet Felacat.

Biology and appearanceEdit


Felacatian in "animal form"

In its normal state, the average Felacatian was a tall, humanoid being with near-Human characteristics. The tell-tale signs of their alien lineage was their short fur and long tail, sharp, fang-like teeth, along with a hyperdeveloped sense of balance, perfect night vision, and hyper fast reflexes and speed—all results of their feline evolution. However, when a Felacatian was forced to stand hyperspace for an extended period of time, or when they experienced any level of stress, a Felacatian's body began to change. Without an outlet for their stress, the Felacatian's body would shift its form within seconds, becoming a huge, predatory cat. In this form, the Felacatian was extremely dangerous, and was protected by a row of heavy spikes along its back, along with claws that could shred durasteel, notoriously potent strength and speed, and incredible sensory perception. With practice, a Felacatian could phase back and forth in between the two forms at will, and, with further practice, restrain himself from shifting when he didn't want to.



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