"No smarter than your brother."
Boba Fett[src]

Feleen Bantillian was the son of Drex, crime lord of the Gallapraxis system, and the brother of Gavron Sil.


After Boba Fett killed his brother, Bantillian helped his father arrange a trap for Fett by posing as an enemy of Drex. Hiding in an abandoned droid factory in the badlands of the planet of Vornax, Feleen equipped himself with a personal deflector shield scavenged from an old droideka and ambushed Fett with a small army of partially scrapped war droids.

Bantillian was quickly outsmarted and outmanoeuvred by Fett, who doused the surface of his deflector shield with oil and set it alight. In a panic, the terrified Bantillian threw himself into a pool of water, which put out the flames but resulted in his death by drowning. Furious at being duped, the bounty hunter cut off Bantillian's head, placing a thermal detonator in its mouth, and presenting it to Drex, whose court was destroyed in the resulting explosion.