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Felinx were a furry, cat-like species often kept as pets. Over the years, they had been heavily inbred, causing them to have minimal brain mass. They sometimes required bio-stimulation circuit implants to stop them from crashing into walls or chewing off their own fur.

Despite this, they were often considered ideal pets, as they required little more than food, water, warmth, and affection. This made them easy to care for.

The expression "a game of felinx-and-rodus" suggested that rodus were a common prey for felinxes.

In the years before the Clone Wars, droid engineer Hurlo Holowan of Kuat City kept a huge, genetically altered felinx to guard her laboratory in the House of Holowan. Bounty hunter Zam Wesell had to defend herself against the pouncing monster with stun shots from her blaster pistol to the animal's jaw and hind leg, causing it to scramble back into its cage.

Kuat possessed a felinx.



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