The Felucian Skullblade was a primitive weapon used by Felucian shamans in ceremonies and combat alike.


Felucian Skullblades were constructed from the skull and teeth of specific native creatures. These creatures grew trace amounts of Force-reactive crystals, similar to those used in the construction of lightsabers, in their bones allowing weapons constructed from them, when imbued with the Force, to block lightsabers and blaster fire. Skullblades were rarely seen off of Felucia but were sometimes sold on the black market.


A variation of the Felucian Skullblade was the rancor-bone blade. The rancor-bone blade was the traditional weapon used by Felucian warriors on the jungle world of Felucia.[2] Like the Skullblades, the rancor-bone blades were resistant to a lightsaber, as discovered by Galen Marek, who encountered several Felucians wielding such weapons during his second visit to the jungle world, when the balance of the Force on the planet had shifted to the dark side.[2]



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