Felucian TFU

A Felucian warrior

The Felucian warrior was a position held by the soldiers of the Felucian species.


The natives of the immense fungal forests of Felucia were unusual creatures who were thought to have been primitive as well as savage in their way of life. However, while they did not develop advanced technology, they survived and flourished on their world without it which was due to their innate connection to the Force.

They were not as powerful as a properly trained Jedi but were capable of using the Force to command and control their environment. This even allowed them to tame fearsome creatures within the forests such as the mighty rancors.

They were able to use these powers to hurl small spheres or compressed air at targets which were capable of stunning or even killing their prey. Furthermore, they also learned to use their powers to imbue a portion of it into their brutal jawbone weapons thus strengthening it as well as increasing its damage potential. This also made it a stronger defensive tool against other weapons such as lightsabers.

Like most of their people, the warriors were capable of blending into their surroundings and crawling along nearly any surface which they used to ambush prey from virtually any vantage point.


Dozens of warriors attempted to defend Jedi Master Shaak Ti from Darth Vader's assassin. However, they were killed and defeated. Once the Jedi was killed, they allowed Marek to leave their world.

Sometime later, they tried to protect Shaak Ti's Padawan Maris Brood from the returning Marek who had come to their world to free Bail Prestor Organa. However, they were incapable of defeating the former Sith assassin.