"In retrospect, I suppose I must have been crazy to take the chances I did."
―Fendel Ramison, in a signed confession made after his arrest.[src]

Fendel Ramison was a hunter who was hired by a biologist on Deminol to obtain a tresher egg from the wilds. The biologist provided his equipment, including a blaster carbine, and paid for his transportation to and from Tinallis. She also offered him 10,000 credits for an egg.

His expedition did not go well. During the three-day hike through the Tinallian rainforest to the nearest cliffs with a tresher nest, his provisions were ransacked by a Tinallian razorcat which was barely fazed by a shot from his carbine. When he tried to climb the cliffs, he nearly fell to his death when he tried to brush Tinallian cliff spiders from his body. Finally, he reached the nest, only to be attacked by a tresher chick, and then by the mother tresher.

He tried to defend himself with his blaster carbine, but the tresher grabbed his weapon and flew off with Ramison still holding it. Ramison was dropped into the sea when the tresher let go, falling fifty meters into the sea. The impact broke both of his legs.

Ramison was rescued by the Tinallian authorities, who promptly arrested him for violating planetary conservation laws. Ramison confessed, and was sentenced to a few days of imprisonment. After signing a statement describing his ordeal, he said that he looked forward to recovering in a "nice, dry cell."